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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sleep tight!

I wrote this poem yesterday...the idea to write the poem came a couple of days back. Yesterday when i was talking to a friend of mine over the phone, the words just started coming and i had to disconnect the call and type it down. I didn't make much changes to it! Post your comments and tell me if u like this!

By the way I thank that friend of mine in helping to get rid of the head ache I had and making me feel refreshed enough for my grey cells to start working again!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Say CHEESE....

I just wonder how Anne Geddes does it! I guess it takes a huge amount of patience and a high end equipment to shoot pics of KIDS!

I always thought it was a very easy thing to click pictures of it actually easy? or is it coz my lil ones are categorized under the RESTLESS category!
I have been intending to buy a high end camera with all those features to click pictures of my babies...

Just imagine when the pose is perfect and they stay still, till the moment the shutter closes and in a millisecond they just move and the image becomes distorted! And not being able to click pictures of my angels is a huge frustration...Look at this one i just wanted him to smile with his hand on his chin and he gave me this look...

And this one when i wanted him to pose for the camera he wouldn't look at me... :)

Photography was always a passion...but I've taken photography seriously only after the kids were born...I used to take pictures of friends and myself long before marriage and forgot all about this passion, after I donned my paints for the new role.

My dad gifted me a digital camera Nikon cool pix 4300 .For me that just opened the doors to photographs that didn't require me to print them and have a look at the results!Despite having a camera I didn't shoot any pictures.

Then my son was born and voilĂ ....the camera came out of its safe haven....CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!!! Day in and out I just kept clicking pictures of my baby! And then in a years time the second one popped I went about with the job of clicking pictures of his day to day activities. Now I have a collection close to 5000 pictures of my kids.

One fine day I decided to wield my camera to click pictures other than that of my kids! I clicked pictures of my friend(madhu...specifically she is my first adult model and a good one at it! she is an excellent photographer too), nature, and finally myself!

But lemme tell you the joy of clicking pictures of my lil ones is totally different....I remember when my parents used to keep taking pictures of me...loads and loads of them....My mom has a large box with many pictures of me! She even has a picture of me and my husband together when v were was the catch picture in our wedding album that drew a lot of awws from the people who saw the wedding album! So now all of them pull my leg when i click pictures of the boys with other girls in the picture...they ask me if its for the making of another wedding album!

Then i browse through the pictures of the boys taken over the span of three years..I can see the change! I have loaded the pictures I love into the blog is a treat to watch them change...I keep updating this site with each new pic I click of them....I want to keep it till they metamorphose from babies to young men!(A long way to go... and its gonna be a pretty huge pretty huge photo blog). hey keep wishing me luck and pray that my babies would finally decide to stand still for me 2 click pictures of them and store them in giga bytes of memories. :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the air...

The poem below was written pretty long ago...i guess some time in 2006...i retrieved it recently from an old cd i had burned with some personal i thot i'll put this up as my post for this day.

Happy Valentine's all of u out there!Keep loving...though it can hurt... but the pain is sweet!