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Monday, January 21, 2008


I dedicate this blog entry to my wonderful parents who brought me up to be who I am! this is a poem I wrote in October last year...

Talking about my parents there is so much to tell you about them....they are the best...there could be none like them! Everything they do they had,have and will always have my best intentions in their mind! They sacrifised a lot for us(my bro and me).

I never realised the importance they had in my life till I grew up and was married. When I had badly needed a shoulder to cry on, I had them! Supporting me through all thick and thin....

Well...all parents do the same...sacrifise and all...that is expected out of parents...but remember they are individuals with their own right to live their life. If they decided that their life is more important than that of their children..what will become of the children?

Everything I have this life is their gift....this is their gift of life!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another candle on my cake....

Happy Birthday Ananya!

Hmmm....I lit an extra candle on my cake on the fourth of this month!My kids were so happy 2 c all those candles burning...I could see the excitement in their eyes!then with the younger one singing "appi bi tu tu"[his version of happy birthday to u :)] I blew the candles and cut the cake!everyone is happy...My husband did comment about the increasing

Later in the night I sat down 2 analyse what i learnt from this 27 years of my life!Each day was a learning experience...y talk about each day?!!!Each moment is a learning experience!
And if u ask me what have i learnt I am lost! I cant pin point and tell you what I have learnt!ain't that sad?!!! guess growing older results in memory failure too!;)

27 say that or rather to read that, it does sound pretty mature...but i still dont feel that i am a mature person...i am still a kid!i dont feel old...I read somewhere that...

They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body.

hmmm...but for may have crept into my body but never in my mind...i still feel so young and fresh in my mind...

I have a developed capability to be what others want me 2 old man would want me 2 have a mature conversation with him, and he gets that.The young girl next door may want me 2 b her friend whom she can tell stuff and go freaking out with her, so be it...I guess I have learnt that with experience of growing up and undersatnding people.27 years of living this life..

I have learnt that everyone strives to be happy!
I have friends who freak out for each birthday that comes every day...they dread the day for 2 reasons...
1>They gained another year
2>They burn a hole in their wallet with the birthday treats they have 2 give i have taken a resolution that i wont ask my friends for a b'day treat and i would purposely gift them a card that says "Happy Birthday! U r 16"

Having kids one needs 2 be creative and always ready 2 laugh at what they r upto...though naughty these young little angels have all the pranks rolled up their sleeves!they r always finding new tricks of as to how 2 make me laugh!so all these years I have learnt to laugh out loud!

I have learnt to listen to my inner voice!

I have learnt to accept life and live life to the fullest.

I have learnt to keep smiling always :)

If you ask me, "So u r 27 ".
My tongue in the cheek answer would be...

No, I am not 27, I am 10 with 17 years experience.
(I read a different version of this somewhere long back!)


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