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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I know of a very beautiful couple, who are so much in love for teh last five years and have gone through so much pains together. The both of them are waiting for their parents consent to take their love to the next level to the sanctity of marriage.:)
watching them together is like seeing two tiny birds awaiting permission to spread their wings and fly to glory.

I was listening to some instrumental music today and wrote these line for them thinking about them...dedicating this poem to them...

God Bless them :)


When your steps falter
When your eyes well up
When you feel less stronger
When you are scared

Remember i'm there beside you forever

I'll never allow your steps to falter
I'll hold you before you fall

I'll never let your eyes well up
I'll kiss your tears away

I'll never let you feel less stronger
I'll never leave your side

I'll never allow you to be scared
I'll always wrap u up in a warm tight hug

Remember i'm there beside you forever

I want to share this beautiful life with you
feel our joys together,
bask in the glory of success together
being there for each other through and thin
And never to forget that i love you!

October 19th, 2010
2.15 PM