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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here is poem for which i urgently need a title...any suggestions....please help me.....the best title gets a good review on my blog....

The Tale of ME, YOU, HER, HIM and ME

On one a full moon night
When the world around me slept
I just couldn't retire like anyone else
I kept tossing and turning in my bed
Counted sheep and numbers
But sleep dared not to visit my eyes
Finally I got up and walked to the window
To look at the orb of night

He gazed back at me and the stars twinkled
The moon asked me "Love, what's wrong"
I was taken aback and didn't know what to say
I just smiled back and tried to look away
The moon said again,"Love, don't look away,
why does your heart sing a sad melody today"
He continued "Love, walk on the paths of my light, to him I shall lead"
I didnt know what to do and looked helpless and scared

Helpless enough for a gust of wind to lift me away
To guide me through the paths thrown by the handsome moon
the breeze left me near his balcony and the stars urged me on
I walked in to his room as silent as I can be
And there he was all tucked up and lost in his peaceful reverie
I stood there watching him as he slept
touched him with my eyes
And hugged him with my breath

For hours to end,chin in arms
I watched him sleep
And then the realization struck
My soul languished within me for him
So Dull, so empty and so lifeless
The soul in me tried to reach out to him
And to whisper his beautiful name
But all came still, when he stirred in his sleep

Tears washed my cheeks as I watched him hold her close to him
Kissed her cheeks in his sweet was too much to take
Ran out of the room into the balcony and threw myself out
The gentle breeze cradled me in its arms and took me home
The clouds gently washed me with their tears
The moon, now not so bright, threw the light to guide me home
The breeze dropped me home by my window
And all stayed there silently

I lifted my eyes looked at all
And whispered thank you
Thank you for i could see and see him i could
For now I know happy is he and not a thought wasted on me
He has a life and I need to learn to move on
For strength I pray to live my life with new found friends
To be happy for the sake of him is all that I ask
Thank you friends for being there always

The moon, the stars, the breeze and the clouds
Kissed and hugged me tight
They cried with me and held me close
And in their arms i went to sleep
The breeze tucked me to bed
And the stars sang a lullaby
The moon silently watched me sleep
Ah! Glad am I for such beautiful friends...

Jan 29, 2010
12.03 pm

Friday, January 29, 2010

My friend...

This post is dedicated to a friend of mine.She keeps complaining that I dont write anything happy and she called me a drama queen so in 10 min flat i wrote this for her.She had recently won the award for the best performer in her office and she was so excited about it. So with this poem i intend to congratulate her and pull her leg too.
I am not going to name her...let her identity remain such!

I have a happy friend and happy is she always
recently she got the best performer award
Amongst a group of 1500 people
The best was she

Wonderful news for all who heard
All were happy for her
She danced and went round and round
And laughed till her tummy hurt

For the next one month she didnt have to work
And take all her time and enjoy her life
And so she thought with glee
And so happy was she

But the actual fact she never realized
Her company was at loss when she worked
For all she did resulted in a total disaster
And they had no other solution to solve it

So the firm decided to let her have her way
They made her happy so their profits were intact
And they let her be
And so happy was she

They cant let her go off like that
For no one had her kind of oomph factor
So for them to have a great time in silence
They let her be!!