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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Welcome Back,My love...

Hmm...I know,I was absent for a pretty long time again....I was taken ill again and was busy getting better. I still filled the sulcus in my brain with thoughts about what to write and this poem here is the outcome of it...I know it sounds a bit kinky but I saw a beautiful snap in a magazine in the doctor's waiting room and the words just flowed to form the poem....Hope you'll like it!

Welcome Back, My love…

Lying down on my tummy-
And to feel your lips on my back;
Kissing the dews of perspiration away,
Your fingers crawling beneath me,
Being brought into your warm embrace,
To hear your soft breath against my ears,
To feel my skin tingle, at each exhalation.

Turning round to look into your eyes;
Just to make sure you are here,
And its no dream.
Pinching myself to confirm,
"Ouch! Its really you”
Right here, beside me,
And I am drenched in your shower of love!

Honey...I missed you so much.
Many a lonely night I spent in your absence,
Wrapped myself with just memories of your gentle touch,
Slept on our empty bed with just your smell for comfort,
And fought back many tears while lying all alone waiting for you.
Now, you are here just right next to me
Let’s become one again and be such forever again!

I love you!

October 26