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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just watch me do it!

This poem was written in dedication to the Mangalore attack on girls .
It was a very unfortunate incident...

Just watch me do it!

Walked out on that day
Dressed in faded blue jeans
And tiny pink tank top
Armed with a mobile phone
And loads of confidence

Lecturers dragged and droned
Sleep started knocking the door of consiouness
Someone suggested the word BUNK
It added pump to the almost asleep muscles
And bunk we did

Now,Where to go?!!
To the college canteen and be discovered?
Or to the ice cream parlour jammed with lovers
Or to some place quite exciting
Where we could easily suffer from temp memory loss?

Cool music, great drinks,no care attitude
This is the place dude
Whoa...those guys do look mean
What's all that commotion?
Why are they rounding us up?

Why did he do that?
Why did he dare to lift his hand on me?
Why did he beat up the one who tried to help me?
why is he calling me filthy words?
Why Why Why is he doing this in the name of God?

I didnt break any laws
I didnt do anything atrocious
I just came here to hang out with friends
I didnt do anything wrong
I was just chilling out!

I pity you who raised your hands against me
I care the damn about what you did
I will walk out in the society with head held high
I will reach for the stars
And you can sit down and watch

For I am a woman;an INDIAN woman
You can never touch the spirit I have to live
And live I would just the way I want
You can sit down and spit out the paan
And be nothing more than a worm.]