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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Is the grass greener on the other side?!!!

I wrote this poem for my school magazine's alumni section a few days back! Thought I 'll share it with all of you!

Is the grass greener on the other side?

When I just started school,
The girls in the senior section-
Had all my attention,
I decided, one day I'll be cool like them!

When I reached the senior class,
I had to face the board exams,
Tests, Assignments and formulas ruled my life;
Life was not as cool as expected.

Then I saw a college girl-

I decided, one day I'll go to college;
Then I can roam around and make new friends,
Be carefree and independent!

When I became a college goer;
I had regular assignments to write,
I had to study harder to get a good job,
Life at this stage was not so pleasant.

Then I saw a career woman;
I decided, whatever it is, I'll need a job;
It must be exciting to wear sarees and dress up,
And have money to buy anything that I wanted!

When I started working;
I had deadlines and expectations to meet,
Meetings and conferences reigned supreme in my life,
I had less time for my family and myself.

Yesterday, My son declared,
"Mom,When I grow up I want to be like dad,
So I can drive a car and go off for work-
And have all the fun."

I smiled at his innocence and told him,

"From your perspective life may look easier for us,
But believe me,its not always so,
Enjoy your present,worry less about your future!"

He smiled back and went off to school,
Watching him go, I thought,
I wish I could be like him-
Innocent,young,energetic and carefree...

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