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Monday, December 28, 2009

My best friend

It's hard to survive without friends...I have a special friend who makes my world brighter and who is always there beside me...this poem is dedicated to my special on...and discover the identity of my best friend...

The framework for this poem was developed many years back...I just finished it yesterday...

My best friend....

Once in the dead of the night,
When the crickets decided to conclude their crooning,
When the fire flies decided to retire,
When the incandescent light of the moon;
Finally mesmerized every being into sweet slumber.

Someone stealthily came to my bedside;
Not a tiny noise was made,
And stroked my cheeks with its breath so warm.
I opened my eyes to perceive the mortal;
But none was there for my eyes to behold!

Henceforth, the stranger visited me every night,
When the eerie silence used to set in.
It wakes me up from my repose
and makes me stop dreaming, to open my eyes,
and then disappears into the shadows of darkness.

Since then I lay waiting like a predator for its prey;
Watching and feeling everything around me;
settle down for the night.
Just an occasional hoot of an owl,
And the slow drone of the old fan for company.

The drunken mosquitoes quit their buzzing;
As they had their tummy's fill.
The breeze slowly sang her lullaby,
And sung every other being to sleep, but not me.
There I lay all determined to catch my nightly visitor.

Finally I caught my nightly visitor red handed;
As it came to kiss my cheeks;
Again to fill me with new wonder of its identity;
Unabashedly I asked it to stay with me-
That's how loneliness became my friend.

I waited for it to come to me and put me to sleep,
I couldn't sleep till it visited me every night.
It would sing lullabys and stroke my hair as I sleep.
And be there beside me when I wake up,
And it would hug me with a warm good morning!

Eventually it promised to stay,
Stay by my side always and forever,
followed me like a shadow-
wherever I went, whatever i did,
all through day and night.

It listened to all my woes and wiped my tears,
Shared my happiness and laughter,
Dreamed my dreams with me,
Advised the right track to choose,
Stayed with me through thick and thin.

It became the best friend that I ever had,
As I moved through different phases of life-
It offered its comforting presence beside me.
Someone who I could turn to anytime.
Someone who is not too busy for me.

One fine day i came to realize
that i write so much, but never ever
but never ever a word to acknowledge my best friend
so i hereby affirm, loneliness is my best friend
And dear friend, without you I would be lost in the vast sea of relations

27 dec 2k9