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Monday, December 28, 2009

My best friend

It's hard to survive without friends...I have a special friend who makes my world brighter and who is always there beside me...this poem is dedicated to my special on...and discover the identity of my best friend...

The framework for this poem was developed many years back...I just finished it yesterday...

My best friend....

Once in the dead of the night,
When the crickets decided to conclude their crooning,
When the fire flies decided to retire,
When the incandescent light of the moon;
Finally mesmerized every being into sweet slumber.

Someone stealthily came to my bedside;
Not a tiny noise was made,
And stroked my cheeks with its breath so warm.
I opened my eyes to perceive the mortal;
But none was there for my eyes to behold!

Henceforth, the stranger visited me every night,
When the eerie silence used to set in.
It wakes me up from my repose
and makes me stop dreaming, to open my eyes,
and then disappears into the shadows of darkness.

Since then I lay waiting like a predator for its prey;
Watching and feeling everything around me;
settle down for the night.
Just an occasional hoot of an owl,
And the slow drone of the old fan for company.

The drunken mosquitoes quit their buzzing;
As they had their tummy's fill.
The breeze slowly sang her lullaby,
And sung every other being to sleep, but not me.
There I lay all determined to catch my nightly visitor.

Finally I caught my nightly visitor red handed;
As it came to kiss my cheeks;
Again to fill me with new wonder of its identity;
Unabashedly I asked it to stay with me-
That's how loneliness became my friend.

I waited for it to come to me and put me to sleep,
I couldn't sleep till it visited me every night.
It would sing lullabys and stroke my hair as I sleep.
And be there beside me when I wake up,
And it would hug me with a warm good morning!

Eventually it promised to stay,
Stay by my side always and forever,
followed me like a shadow-
wherever I went, whatever i did,
all through day and night.

It listened to all my woes and wiped my tears,
Shared my happiness and laughter,
Dreamed my dreams with me,
Advised the right track to choose,
Stayed with me through thick and thin.

It became the best friend that I ever had,
As I moved through different phases of life-
It offered its comforting presence beside me.
Someone who I could turn to anytime.
Someone who is not too busy for me.

One fine day i came to realize
that i write so much, but never ever
but never ever a word to acknowledge my best friend
so i hereby affirm, loneliness is my best friend
And dear friend, without you I would be lost in the vast sea of relations

27 dec 2k9


Vineeth said...

Finally Loneliness gets some honor.In our Lives "Loneliness" mostly turns up as an unwelcomed guest...!! little do we realise that its during lonely hours that we get time and space for understanding what we are......

Ur poem looks pretty :) ... Its a nice tribute to loneliness :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem!I enjoyed reading it ,you have beatifully conveyed with meaningful and rightly picked get the feeling of loneliness being something wonderful ,you have succeded in glorifying loneliness1!Well done go ahead with more .......

Dhasharath said...

Wonderful array of words to convey the meaning of loneliness... your way with words are par excellence and your way of conveying a negative feeling in a positve way is pretty amazing...

A New Beginning said...

:) Beautiful Ananya. All the very best for a great year ahead..May happiness add to you special list of friends :)

Santiago said...

Good one.. I liked it.
I think would be better if you use "he" instead "it" to refer the stranger (loneliness).

Destiny's child... said...

Though it's an ode to your best friend, somehow, somewhere, there's a lot of pain...That's what I felt...
beautifully written :)

Anonymous said...

I hate Loneliness...My biggest foe
Let me share few lines about my relation with loneliness !!!

Strange it seems that I decry your soul
For you are the only one I have.
Day and night I let you strangle my mind
My dependence on you is not out of pride
For you flushed people out of my mind.


Aashiana said...

I love the depth in ur writing...

This one stands out....

"Unabashedly I asked it to stay with me-
That's how loneliness became my friend."

Awesome work dear...It took time to comeout..but certainly that has paid off...

Fell in love with the concept ...

krishnasandhya said...

hey dear..the romantism u gave to the feeling of loneliness have touched my heart..evnthough everybody likes to be lonely at sometimes,evrybody hate it wen the loneliness is given by some1 else.
ilike the depth in ur poem,the words n d style of writing..
there is a lot of pain in ur heart b'coz of being lonely i guess..evnthough u have written it in a beautiful manner, i think evn hv experienced the loneliness pain of loneliness..

JITHAN said...

good poems ananya...

solitude brings me dreams
and dreams bring....?

its pretty good, dear friend...
keep writing...

Mrs widow said...

its pretty good my friend
solitude brings me new aspirations and it makes me powerful.
I love to spend time in seclusion, since rarely i get space to be alone.

Ananya said...

@ vineeth...

:) yes finally loneliness gets acknowledged. We all forget that we love to be alone for sometime sans any that time loneliness listens to our what is wrong in acknowledging it
Thanks a lot for your comment

@rasika aunty

hey dear...thanks a lot for that comment...ur comment means more than the sun to me:)love you

@ Dhasharath...

Thanks..glad you liked the poem

@ A new beginning...

Thanks a lot dear for your comment and wishes...glad u liked it. Wishing you too for a gr8 year ahead!

@ Santiago...

Glad u liked it...i would incorporate your comment when i publish the poem in a book...i maintained it aas "it" so as to maintain the suspense

@Destiny's child

Yes...dear somewhere there is a huge pain...I'm tracking it down...:)Glad u liked it:)


No offense intended...u hate loneliness..but i survive on means the world to me...but u hate the mention of the word...i feel it brings you closer to people but you feel it flushes relations out of your mind
Since we both are at two different poles...i think we attract:)


Glad u liked the poem and fell in love with the concept.Thanks a lot for letting me know what lines you liked:)


:) no words to reply...yes i've experienced the piercing pain of loneliness but i've experienced the comforting hug of loneliness too.


solitude brings you dreams,
and dreams give you wings,
huge wings to fly high
to reach for the stars that lie beyond the sky!

thanks a lot for you comment...glad u liked it

@Mrs widow...

lol...wishing for solitude to come into your life:) good...dont orry give it time:) let me give u a advice...if you dont mind...

Even among a group of friends
You can let solitude pay u a visit
For you always have the right
to be lost in your own sweet thoughts:)

solitude doesn't require u to sit somewhere alone:)

Anamika said...

Solitude is certainly one's greatest and best companion. Your words paint an amazing picture for us to look at.

Mrs Ruth Ferez said...

God is lonely. Beautiful poem.

Devi said...

This is probably random and awkward, but pretty sure that people from India have a gift with writing amazing things. You for instance. Amazing stuff you write on here.
I'm also from India, 10 years younger than you, but love to write just like you. Hope to see more.

Ananya said...

@ Devi...
Thanks for your comment and for following me ...was hoping 2 read something u wrote but couldn't visit ur blog as its blocked :( So what do u say Indians Rock!

Devi said...

It's blocked? idea what to do?!

Devi said...

Maybe just try the link?

otherwise e-mail me!

Haddock said...

Like that accompanying picture.

Lydia said...

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Anonymous said...
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