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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


To reminisce something from the past,
Is quite a haunting task,
For when all you want to do is;
Just forget that something.

Memories are like the executioner's noose;
Strangling and suffocating as the knot tightens.
It does take you closer to a free world-
And just when you decide to enter, it just pulls you back to reality.

I hate what memories do to me,
For they neither brighten nor dampen my spirits.
They just leave me paralyzed-
At the feet of all the memories I conjure.

Just when I start forgetting,
They would just lunge at me,
Throwing me off balance,
Into its vicious embrace.

They hug me tight,
With arms so strong yet so light.
They make me yearn for more,
And wishing to remain in its arms forever.

Such, I can't remain forever,
And squander between bouts of reality and recollection-
Like a bovine lunatic.
So either I reminisce or let the noose tighten!

October 2008

Image courtesy:Acclaim Images