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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


To reminisce something from the past,
Is quite a haunting task,
For when all you want to do is;
Just forget that something.

Memories are like the executioner's noose;
Strangling and suffocating as the knot tightens.
It does take you closer to a free world-
And just when you decide to enter, it just pulls you back to reality.

I hate what memories do to me,
For they neither brighten nor dampen my spirits.
They just leave me paralyzed-
At the feet of all the memories I conjure.

Just when I start forgetting,
They would just lunge at me,
Throwing me off balance,
Into its vicious embrace.

They hug me tight,
With arms so strong yet so light.
They make me yearn for more,
And wishing to remain in its arms forever.

Such, I can't remain forever,
And squander between bouts of reality and recollection-
Like a bovine lunatic.
So either I reminisce or let the noose tighten!

October 2008

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Anonymous said...

Good one.... I wish u stop thinking abt the past and be sad for the present. Live what present gives u.... just dont think abt the past and the future.

Ananya said...

Past paves the way to the present and present leads to the future....
Present holds less importance as its just the transit area between the past and the future.
Can u define what is present? Everything is defined by time this very second cease to exist when the second of the future comes into being.
A line can never be drawn to define the past,the present and the future, for nothing like that exists its all the makings of the human mind to appear sane when everything around them is insane!
I believe in the past and the future but cant believe in the present as there is no present in me! Past made me move to the future...future unveils every second and the past is out there around me, lurking in the shadows.......

Impulsively Me said...

Hi Ananya,

This is breathtaking! :) I never ever thought of memories that way.. You literally swept me off my feet! :)

Nice to see you back :)


chikku said...

I love this... i cud relate so well to it...though the memories can be a bit haunting most of the times, i keep struggling to hang on to the present...

chikku :)

neets said...

your poems too gud..simple yet powerful...jst a point of mine,"present holds less importance"i dnt think so,there is no control on our past,but what we think and do nw can make changes in future,and in future past seems less importance to me since i hav got lots to think abt wat to do in present...

Raghu said...

past has got a role to play... the role of a teacher... learn the lessons and move on...

its a continous evolution that we are subjected to...past to present to future...

fantastically written... such an impact with so seemingly simple words :)

Deepak said...

"Come out of Sorrow". Though we know nothing of each other, today I request you to live in the moment forever and remember " There is no sinner without a future and no saint with out a past." You don't have any means to correct your past. Live the present in a joyous beautiful way and tomorrow when you look back on your past(today), you will have nothing but a smile as an identity. A Million ones tread the path of solitude only to turnback and find out that they are lost. O! Ananya ( One in a Million), Awaken the child in you. I dedicate the article that I wrote today to you. Visit

Ananya said...

@ me
Hi dear...its been pretty long.was going thru a bad phase in life where everything seemed to be going wrong...glad u like the poem! I am yet 2 read ur posts! will post comments in yours!


glad u loved it and could relate to the feelings!


I know my present and the future would have been very different if i chose a different path!so i was frustrated with how my present turned out coz of my poor decision making skills!


Thankyou so much!:) glad u liked it!


Thankyou so much for the dedication...have posted an elaborate comment on your blog!