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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Get paid for what you write

Recently while I was browsing through the blogs I was directed to this blog network from one of the blogs.The idea of getting paid for what I loved to do(writing) was very alluring!

Having done a thorough research on them I decided to spread the word!:)I have not yet made new friends here, since I am a newbie but I do intend to leave the opportunities open.At the moment I just cant remember how I was directed to this site and as soon as I figure that out,you'll know who is my first friend through PPP!
The entire interface of the website is so simple to understand.Initially I was like any browser a bit apprehensive...but now I am very comfortable!

They have this cool opportunity where in you can decide to donate the money you make or save it up.I have not yet decided on what to do with mine. But at present I have decided to save it up. Not I'm not being selfish...but I just wanted it like that!:)
This site is really cool I would suggest anyone who loves to write to try their hand in this.What is wrong in getting paid for something you like to do. Its almost similar to selling your painting!

I am open to help you out just in case you need to clarify something!Happy PPP-ing and blogging friends!


Anamika said...

That sounds exciting, yaar. Will chk the site. And nice of you to spread the word...:)

Anamika said...

BTW, if u r wondering who this, I'm ur humble baymate @

Impulsively Me said...

Hey Ananya :)

I will check this out :)

If you are interested in freelance writing opportunities, you may also want to check out
It's a cool place :)


Ananya said...

Thanks dear,
Infact when I started the blog ananmika(the commentator above suggested that I try freelance writing!)thanks for the site url