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Friday, April 11, 2008

My Friday fill in #7

1. I love springtime in all moods and modes!

2. Scrambled eggs, Bread and Corn flakes are foods I love to eat for breakfast.

3. It seems I'm always searching for true love.

4. A warm shower, a good book in hand and snuggling under the covers is a great way to end the day.

5. I think I am growing younger with each passing second

6. Some free time to write and read is what I've been craving lately.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to the party that I am hosting, tomorrow my plans include cleaning the house and Sunday, I want to prepare for the Vishu Kani Kanal on Monday morning!

I dedicate this post to my parents on their 28 th year of togetherness! Today is their Wedding Anniversary!
My parents have come through all thick and thin together.
They were sweet hearts in college and then they got married after that.They both shifted to U.A.E together and they made a life for themselves and us!

They have had their share of squabbles and everything! When they have their fights I used to think...Man, and they say these two were in love!

LOL...once I got married I very much understand the hostility and all! It actually takes an experience to teach you about what others are feeling.Talk about putting yourself in other's shoes!

They used to have really bad fights about almost everything!And we kids used to be around to help them sort out and be OK! But after the both of us left the nest and flew off to make our own nests they decided that they had only themselves.They learnt to adjust to each other after we left home! Now they make decisions and dishes together! :)

May God Bless the both of them with cherished memories of togetherness!


Anonymous said...
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Alice - I Was Born2Cree8 said...

Hi Ananya. I enjoyed your answers to the Fill-Ins. Happy Anniversary to your parents.

Reba @ Reba's Run said...

Great post... nice story.

Sandy M said...

Good luck on #3 and have a great party!

chikku said...

Hi... forst of all "happy anniversary yo ur parents... its my parents 25th anniversary on april 18th... my mum is cumin to US n 16th n im lookin forward to it...About the breakfast, i cant tolerate cereals for break fast.. i used to have them,not anymore.Hope u have a great wek end an a great party... Happy vishu..Im looking forward to celebratin it too..but this time, no konna poo n noone to gimme kai neettam except Sj.. I wish i was at home...

chikku :)

cj said...

I enjoyed your answers and hope you have a lovely weekend.


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Oh man! I love snuggle time under the covers too. Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Mine are up too. This is my first week to play along.

Niharika B said...

hi ananya!
nice post!and happy anniversary to your parents!
remember me?well u visited my blog and left a long note of guidelines to work my way around this place.i wld like u to continue visiting my blog.and i've alredy bookmarked urs so id know wenever u post sumthing new.

Janet said...

Oh, it that you in the photo? I hope your parents had a nice anniversary and wow...what you had to say about marriage is right on!