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Wednesday, August 20, 2008



Sometimes your words just hits so hard,
Sometimes its pierces through my soul,
Sometimes I wonder why you do it?
Guess it gives u ecstacy.

Sometimes you shower me with love,
Sometimes you give me more than what I deserve,
Sometimes you respect my dreams,
Guess its all about you indulging in your fantasy.

Sometimes you just ignore me,
Sometimes you rekindle our last strife,
Sometimes you trod on my feelings,
Guess its all about you having a bad day.

Sometimes I sit down and wonder, why me?
Sometimes I cry out loud when you dont understand,
Sometimes I wish all this was just a dream,
Guess I must be glad it's just sometimes and not everytime!

August 2008

image courtesy:Acclaim images


Anonymous said...

Ananya Dear,
Glad to see you back on the blogosphere. I was about to mail u and decided to just check your blog once.

Hmmm....I'm relieved too, that this doesn't happen all the time.

All the same, it's regretful that who matter the most to us also know how to derive pleasure out of our anguishes. Sadism, I suppose.

Don't let them derive any ecstacy out of your misery. The best way to get back at them is this. Don't show your emotions; pretend as if it did not even touch your skin. That pierces their souls as much as it did ours.


Ananya said...

@ anamika

Despite no emotions displayed from my part
They never let their emotions depart
I forever remain silent
And everyone expects me to become again resilient
From now on nothing works their way
Its going to be me who has the final say
Situations are such that I cant go away
So I will remain and fight till the last day

Read ur haiku and the poem u wrote in the memory of ur mother...will comment for both on ur blog

Was adviced bed rest for a month for that back teh back ache i had fever and severe sinusitis and it was topped with i just couldnt log in. was in bed room arrest.

Anamika said...

Way to go, dear. My wishes come with you.

Sincerely wish that you get well soon.

Vaish said...

hi...ur poetry is just awesome...i enjoyed readin 'em thru'.

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