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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Here is poem for which i urgently need a title...any suggestions....please help me.....the best title gets a good review on my blog....

The Tale of ME, YOU, HER, HIM and ME

On one a full moon night
When the world around me slept
I just couldn't retire like anyone else
I kept tossing and turning in my bed
Counted sheep and numbers
But sleep dared not to visit my eyes
Finally I got up and walked to the window
To look at the orb of night

He gazed back at me and the stars twinkled
The moon asked me "Love, what's wrong"
I was taken aback and didn't know what to say
I just smiled back and tried to look away
The moon said again,"Love, don't look away,
why does your heart sing a sad melody today"
He continued "Love, walk on the paths of my light, to him I shall lead"
I didnt know what to do and looked helpless and scared

Helpless enough for a gust of wind to lift me away
To guide me through the paths thrown by the handsome moon
the breeze left me near his balcony and the stars urged me on
I walked in to his room as silent as I can be
And there he was all tucked up and lost in his peaceful reverie
I stood there watching him as he slept
touched him with my eyes
And hugged him with my breath

For hours to end,chin in arms
I watched him sleep
And then the realization struck
My soul languished within me for him
So Dull, so empty and so lifeless
The soul in me tried to reach out to him
And to whisper his beautiful name
But all came still, when he stirred in his sleep

Tears washed my cheeks as I watched him hold her close to him
Kissed her cheeks in his sweet was too much to take
Ran out of the room into the balcony and threw myself out
The gentle breeze cradled me in its arms and took me home
The clouds gently washed me with their tears
The moon, now not so bright, threw the light to guide me home
The breeze dropped me home by my window
And all stayed there silently

I lifted my eyes looked at all
And whispered thank you
Thank you for i could see and see him i could
For now I know happy is he and not a thought wasted on me
He has a life and I need to learn to move on
For strength I pray to live my life with new found friends
To be happy for the sake of him is all that I ask
Thank you friends for being there always

The moon, the stars, the breeze and the clouds
Kissed and hugged me tight
They cried with me and held me close
And in their arms i went to sleep
The breeze tucked me to bed
And the stars sang a lullaby
The moon silently watched me sleep
Ah! Glad am I for such beautiful friends...

Jan 29, 2010
12.03 pm


Netha Hussain said...

A few suggestions-
A journey at the night
To destinations with the moon
The story of love gained and lost
Under cover of the night, guided by moon..

hehe..:D none of my suggestions are good enough..Hope some other friend of yours will give a better suggestion..

Ananya said...

@ Netha...

Hi... i liked your suggestions:) U didnt say any thing abt the poem...did u like it?

Jafp said...

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A New Beginning said...

Nice poem, you know I wrote a poem once on the moon and called it distant affection..we can share the title if you want :)

Anonymous said...

"The Night Tears Rained On The Moon"

"The White Horse(meaning moon) and a Prince(person whom it took you to meet)"

"Riding The Moon On A Sleepless Night"

"To The Moon and Back" (Although this is from a song by Savage Garden)

"YOU...ME....HIM.....HER and ME" (You=the person, Me = Ananya, Him=Moon, Her=The Girl)

"The Tale of My Dreams On A Sleepless Night"

Catpad said...

such a nice poem

Ananya said...

@new beginning

Hi dear...that was so sweet of you for offering to share the title:)


I loved the idea of
I am contemplating a variation of it...him,her,me and they...wondering how it will be :)I loved the way u gave logical explanations for each title u suggested:)

Thanks a lot..glad u liked the poem:)

അച്ചൂസ് said...

“സ്വപ്നാടക” ഇതിന്റെ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് എനിക്കറിയില്ല.

Ananya said...

@ Achus... means dreamer...nice:)

gURU gOKUL said...

can't believe its written by you...
grt work...

can u compose a love letter 4 me... i think u can touch the emotions of people...!

Anonymous said...

This title (You...Me) can have variations but it won't be possible to do so without regressing from the main idea of your poem. It might tell us about the Moon(and its timeless association with romance), the person who is happy and his reason to be so but this poem is about You. So if this story started with you , it should end with you. A variation to this can be

"The Tale of ME, YOU, HER, HIM and ME".

This poem is full of hope. Hope that no matter how bad you think it is hurting, in the end its you who choose how to end your own poem. Either with tears for not having what you wanted or by thanking for what you have!!!

(Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll be checking out to see if you find a title soon.Or else I can keep pestring you with more :-).

Vance said...

'Night Flight"

Nice work.

Ananya said...

@ guru gokul...

Thanks a lot for your comment, glad u liked the poem...Wont mind writing a love letter for you..but for a sample you may visit the link below

@ Anonymous...

I loved ur spirit...explanations and all...i'm waiting till feb 14th to updat the title and i'll be happy to welcome you to see what title i selected
Loved the second title too:) its in the considering list!


Thanks for your suggestion and glad u liked the poem

Mrs Ruth Ferez said...

Since the moon is a satellite I would call it Watching Television. It may not sound romantic at first but once you have read the poem you get it. Like someone watching TV she is observing a world she both dreams of having yet can not obtain.

Anamika said...

My Ephemeral Lover

A Flight of Fantasy

My Evanescent Love

And, to borrow from Shakespeare:
Love's Labour's Lost

Ananya, your words take a sudden turn to convey the right emotions at the appropriate moment. I could almost feel the angst as the lover takes his companion in his arms. Haven't we all gone through this!

pattycooper said...

How about: "Visitor The Night"

Zuzanna said...

I think that the "Dreamy Tales" would be nice.

The poem is really good. I love it.

Screaming Lunatic said...


Hi, in it's truest sense the realization and the sigh accompany on their wings the sudden cold gush of a new beginning, a feeling of having finally shed off the weight, a feeling of being reborn and being exasperated of the whole process but still too tired but too happy and excited to sleep. Sleepwaking.

Feather said...


" Moonstruck on nurtured recollections "

Memories about lost love are nothing but nurtured recollections, the moments that someone recalls fully aware that it only hurts. Moonstruck can mean dreamily romantic or insane or something influenced by moon. I am not a poet, these are random thoughts that came to my mind when I wandered to your blog inadvertently.


Harish Babu

Mike Hernandez said...

Too bad "Goodnight Moon" is already taken...

How about "Hard for Moon". It's ambiguously sexual and also captures the essence of your emotional distress.

~moonstruck~ said...

Painful pangs of a pristine passion... ???

nay... too melodramatic i'd suppose...

real good one ananya.... struck a chord!

Anonymous said...

Feb 14th came and went. I thought you would have updated the title. Disappointed to see you haven't :(

Ananya said...

@ Mrs Ruth Ferez...

thanks so much for ur suggestion:)


I know i should have replied earlier...but had some time constraints. Thanks for ur beautiful title...2 of it did make it to the final few!

@ pattycooper...

thanks so much for ur suggestion:)


thanks so much for ur suggestion:)

thanks so much for ur suggestion:) Iloved the way you described ur title..

thanks so much for ur suggestion:)urs did almost make it to the title, i was lost on whether to choose urs or the one i put up...and finally kept brooding for a few days and decoded on this...though u r not a poet..u've brought out the beautiful emotions with the way u defended the title...

@mike hernandez...
Thanks so much for ur wasn't for the moon i was pining for...

Thanks so much for ur suggestion...glad u liked the poem.

congratualtions..urs made it! i've put ur title up...i owe ur blog a review on mine!

The ones that almost made it...

The Tale of My Dreams On A Sleepless Night

A Flight of Fantasy

Moonstruck on nurtured recollections

Love's Labour's Lost

Alone?!!!I'm not!

Neusa Vaz said...

companion of the moon, essa é minha humilde sugestão .....abraços Neusa Brasil

Aman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aman said...

I am speechless!!! Thanx. It is true that you were in search of A title for your poem but the fact is I was in search of THE poem. Review or not, your poem have already given me what I was searching for. HOPE. So I owe you :-)


Anonymous said...

sleepless night!

Vijay Santhosh Krishna said...

your thoughts have strength. The article was powerful. Had a deep push. I felt like naming it as "The Reason why Moon Kissed me" and the last stanza in the poem starts with this sentence.

Apart from this, it was good to come across your blog. Very rare to see such blogs having strength in its words..

Jon said...

Moonlight Dreamer

Poem is very good!

bus stop friend said...

i loved the poem!and as of now am goin 2 read it a couple more no further comments until then!

Feather said...


Kewl. Nice to see that you liked it. Anyway I must say I loved the title that I suggested and now that you don't need it, I can use that for an article of mine. It was nice interacting with you !


Harish Bab

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Quran said...

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Lisa said...

Hello, I was just Blog-Hopping and ran across your blog. Very well written!


juskaulani said...

This is a good poem. It's real long so it kind of lost me but I really like the beginning. I know that it's super late for the whole title thing but if I found this way back when it still mattered I woulda said you should you something from within your poem. That's usually my technique. Like the line "The Orb of Night" would've been interesting as a title. Anyways, good work.


The light of hope

krishnasandhya said...

chechi i read it atleast 4 20 times i dint get any name 4 dis poem..wat 2 do..?aftr xms, i think my brain has stpd working..:-)

Iris-Siri said...

wow..great poem! no suggestions for a title thought, bet u made up your mind already :)
lovely blog..glad i came across it by chance.

Anonymous said...

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andybene said...

thye gentle lunar eclips

M.G. Meyers said...

I would call it "the moon", and leave the rest to the reader, and that would keep a centerpiece for what's happening around it, also if "the moon" means something other than just a moon.

Otherwise, there's a symphony of what's going on, and that might be a certain experience to capture or not be far off with in a name.

I just came across this blog flipping through them with the little button on top, starting back at mine.

I like poetry, and I have enjoyed yours. And I'll get back to playing cards.

Cheers -

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samthegardener65 said...

"Visiting Sleep"

The poem is wonderful, full of emotions and easy to relate to.

I will be back to read more.

Thank you

Emmy said...

I loved the poem; it was moving and beautiful; the imagery was glorious! As for a title... about Moonlight Reverie?

kanika said...

wonderful work ananya!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tale of two moons

Ayham Tamari said...

She Came to Stay

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Jenn said...

Came to the party too late, but I would have suggested The Hour of Lead (from a poem by Emily Dickinson) which talks about relinquishing a loved one and suffering great pain.

"This is the hour of lead
Remembered, if outlived
As freezing persons recollect the snow -
First chill, then stupor, then the letting go."

Nice blog. And you're a poet. The word needs more bards and troubadours, methinks. Glad you're one.

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