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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ananya unveiled...(A 100 things about me)

Hmmm...was wondering how to describe myself to you.... so I figured out this is a good way for u to find out about me and for me to find about myself...let's c if I can list a 100 things about me...(Promise it will be only 100 :D)

  1. Ananya is my pen name...(I was named something else by my parents.)

  2. My original name meant Alone...which i rarely am. (BUT lemme tell u a secret...there is a major part of me that feels alone...and that is only because i want it like that!)

  3. I am an Indian!

  4. A proud malayalee....sorry dont refer to me as a mallu...i hate that

  5. A malayalee not born in God's own country but in the oil rich fields of the Persian gulf

  6. I am a hindu...and proud to be one! But i do visit churches for the peacefulness around and listen to people who talk about Islam and learn about their values.

  7. I am married....married to a true blooded LEO...(OMG...there I can hear him ROAR)

  8. I am my dad's princess...not that i get everything that i want but he loves me more than anything!

  9. I wear those spectacles....but its contacts for the world!

  10. I am a Capricorn by birth! A true blooded Capricorn...Just like the mountain goat nothing can stop me...I will go on only if I want to....

  11. If u would ask me to identify myself with an insect...i would say SPIDER... I sit quiet waiting for my victim with my cleverly spun web! I dont stand a chance against the other insects with wings...but my web....they have no chance...(wicked laugh...ha ha ha)

  12. Despite identifying myself with the spider...I am scared of them...They r creepy...I share the traits but not a liking for them sorry...not my kind of a pet!

  13. Those people who see me for the first time would either think that I am a serious young woman with a no messing with me name tag hung around my neck, or you will think that I am so warm and approaching.......but once I let you know the real wont forget me for life...(isn't that a bit too modest declaration...well...cant help it! :))

  14. I can be very shy to talk initially

  15. I am quite stubborn at times...I make sure I get what I want...

  16. But for the ones I love I will give everything....and the ones I love are very few!

  17. I have loads of friends...

  18. I love making friends...across continents and across all ages!

  19. If i find that someone has been totally ignored in a group I will make sure that I talk to the person and bring their existence to others notice.

  20. I hate making fun of others incapabilities.

  21. I love the rain,but I hate the slush on the road

  22. Thunder freaks me out....But i still love wathing the lightining bolt

  23. I dont like having they are not easy to maintain and require loads of ur time and love..but i like animals

  24. I am someone you can trust with your secrets...Ur secrets are safe with me and i would carry it to my grave

  25. I would forgive anyone who hurts me but to forget the pain....nope...I wont harm the person..but wouldn't forget his deed either. This is why u can find me talking to my enemy as if he is my best friend! actually when i talk 2 the person at that time the hurt he caused me is never remembered...but when i sit down to think of the time v spent,then the old pain just surfaces!

  26. U can approach me with whatever you want to know about yourself...I listen pretty well to everyone...except my brother(bro...if u r reading

  27. I love playing pranks on others! But seriously I dont intend to hurt anyone with my pranks!

  28. I love driving....

  29. I am a passionate i am not a professional photographer....but i love clicking pictures!Dream to buy a high end SLR for myself and go for a professional training!

  30. If u interest me,I can talk about anything and everything under the sun for hours non stop

  31. I love listening 2 instrumental music.Beethoven's symphonies are my favourite

  32. I dont have an appendix...I was born with one...but it was surgically removed!

  33. I am a swimmer....used to represent my school....

  34. I can lie still in water for as long as I want! its a very divine feeling!

  35. I believe in re incarnations...a hard core Dr. Brian Weiss fan

  36. I love travelling and discovering places on my own

  37. I hate going into conversations with people in a train or a bus!

  38. I can whistle tunes and wolf whistle if the situation requires...

  39. I am a poetess...though not a well establised one

  40. I am a trained classical dancer...had studied it for 22 years

  41. I never owned a walk man in my i fear that they even exist

  42. I think in English and translate it to the language i need 2 communicate it into

  43. I love to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppp

  44. I love Paulo Coelho's style of writing and thinking! I love his books.

  45. I love kids...I have 2 of my own both naughty boys...but I wish for a girl...

  46. I used to have a huge collection of Bindis and Bangles

  47. I used to bite my nails when i was small

  48. I am a tea drinker...cardomom it!

  49. I love to cook

  50. I love to try new recepies

  51. I do a bit of glass painting,embroidery,painting,creative crafts...etc

  52. When I was small I wanted to be a doctor...but later I changed plans...I wanted to be an English Teacher

  53. I love collecting stationary and paints

  54. I still collect chocolate wrappers of special importance

  55. I love shopping for never tires me...It recharges my batteries and my cupboard

  56. I hate to throw away old clothes...I still try to wear them...and I am forced to part with them for the matter of space

  57. I make sure that i dont repeat a dress till the entire collection is over

  58. When i build a house I will have a window seat built for me

  59. I love the "naalukettu" architecture and I have drawn plans for the house I will build

  60. I am a dreamer...I love to dream

  61. I have a nice smile....

  62. I am a non vegetarian..but mind you I wont try grass hoppers and snake even if they were coated in Hershey's chocolate topping

  63. I loooooooovve chocolates...dairy milk and the ones my mom gets from Brunei!I freak ou on chocolates!

  64. I love icecream...sorry but i hate strawberry flavour

  65. I love watching movies

  66. I love collecting bottles of different I have a pretty huge perfume collection for a normal human being

  67. I love collecting curios too

  68. I hate Maths....the fourier series, the calculus kind of math!

  69. I love ketchup and will have anything with ketchup!

  70. I do drink occassionally...but not always...but given a chance I will have red bull any time of the day

  71. I admire John Goddard

  72. I used to play the violin

  73. I travel in the airplane without any hand baggage ,other than my hand bag, of course

  74. Home is where I was born!

  75. I rarely loose temper but once I do all hell breaks loose...but this case is almost everytime when my brother is around...he knows to pull the wrong chord at the wrong time!

  76. I love the dusk better than the dawn

  77. I hate loud noise....cant stand the honking of buses and the huge vehicles
  78. I hate tubelights and CFLs, I prefer yellow lights or candlelight

  79. I love all colors, but blue and red are my favourite

  80. I love wearing a saree

  81. I love to get dressed for occassions

  82. I detest the sight of road side romeos

  83. A career means everything to me

  84. I've never tried drugs and dont intend to

  85. I rarely forget conversations with people...

  86. I love Chrysanthemums

  87. I would love to visit Greece once

  88. I wouldnt mind if you pull my leg...I am quite thick skinned

  89. I hate smelly people

  90. I always find similiarities between a person's face and that of an animal!!! If I was told about a person I would identify the person like this,"Oh!That lady who has those Shark like eyes..":D

  91. I am a mind reader at times

  92. I dont expect much out of people...I've learnt that its dangerous

  93. I've always had the spot light on a crowd of demonstrators you would surely notice me...I hate that

  94. When I was a child I used to be scared of the dark

  95. I love wind chimes....its my idea of a perfect gift....I will never get fed up of it

  96. I love trying out different calligraphic styles

  97. I love playing monopoly and scrabbles

  98. I wish a day had more than 24 hours

  99. I always want my age and the candles on my cake to be directly proportional.

  100. I admire your patience for sitting and reading this till the end...there is still more...but since I promised you only 100 things about me, there you have it!

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Santiago said...

:)nice one....u know urself very well.... keep posting ... :)

Ash said...

Pookat was sweet as well. Its so true that we all had once upon a time started of just like that.. well I had a few arabic words myself that my ma still says.. "Taal.. Mafi.. Taal". Got that from Ma, cos that was all she knew, "Taal" as in "come" and "Mafi" - "sorry". You shud know that. That was sweet!

Ash said...

I am amazed and impressed by the way you have 100 things to tell about you, well you had more. WOW! thats just beautiful.

Madhu said...

so blogger ve almost covered everthing thts happened n happening around you..good going...pouring ur feelings here is a good way to relax yourself.U feel good when u read it again for urself isnt it.i think u can share ur photography too

kk said...

:-) Loved reading that! Though I knew some of it already, it was quite interesting to read it all again. Taking stock of oneself is a great confidence booster, isn't it?

Bins Sam Thomas said...

Nice to see all these things... Reminds the past - college friends, college and all... Good.