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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday thirteen #2

Thirteen Things I like about ME

1…. I am not a sophisticated being,you can approach me with anything

2…. I am a shoulder anyone can lean on

3…. I don't mind caste,creed or sexual orientation

4…. I am quite determined

5…. I can forgive easily, but forgetting will take some time

6…. I am quite thick skinned

7…. I rarely pick up fights with my friends

8…. I love to give everything a try

9…. I have a pleasing personality

10….I have a nice smile

11….I can make anyone feel comfortable with me

12….I rarely let others into my world

13….If I don't like someone,I always find something good in them, like that good and then talk to them!

Cheers :)

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Nicholas said...

#12 is very interesting.

Ananya said...

Hmm...considering the things I keep to myself I do accept that its pretty interesting!:)

chikku said...

#13 is such a good thought... u seem to be a great person...i missed the TT this week...

chikku :)

Ananya said...

@ chikku...
hey just brought a smile on my face! did you know it takes a great person to realise another person is great!:)

verabear said...

You're a nice person :)
Love your list

Rishi said...

hey there! you have a really interesting blog!
im indian too by the way, but im in check out my blog!