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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The different roles I play

Hmmm....when I woke up today morning I was bushwhacked by a thought....A thought that said, "Hey...look at the different roles that you play in your life!" I decided to pen down the different roles I play....

Since I came into this world as a child and my parents first born...let's say I donned the costume for the very first role: the daughter
Then my brother came and I became the sister
Then I joined school to become the student
After another eleven years I became the teenager
Then I passed out of school and into college I became the college girl
Then I fell in love and became the lover
Then I was engaged and I became the fiancée
Then I was married and I became the wife and the daughter -in law
Then I delivered my first baby and I became a mother

In between all this I was a friend, I was a best friend, I was a motivator, I became the advisor, I became the mediator, The leader....

So many roles to play,
And so little time in a day.
Running from pillar to post,
Being the ever perfect host,
Oh my baby here I am, to cuddle you,
And listen to my friend on the phone too,
Here I am if you want to talk,
Here I am when you want help to walk.

So many roles to play
And so little time in a day
"Oh Mother, please make it fast"
"Oh dear, you made it to the meeting in the right time at last"
Giving and taking orders
From every where, even from across the borders
In the tranquility of the late night
I finally get to remove the paints I donned in the early morning light

There before the mirror, I stand looking at me
And what do you think I see?
Now I see me, the true pretensions,no roles;
I see my bare naked soul-
The soul which exudes so much of charm;
And one which means no harm.
At dawn again, another day,
Another role to play!


Anonymous said...

So sweet... you know what... actually i too was planning to write about the different stages of live... more based on phase of love... then i thought i better finish off the Saturday thing... that was in the draft for 3-4 days.

KK said...

WOW...dear, I can see that your creative juices are at high flow..... - Kuzhali

Ananya said...

@ Kuzhali
Thanks Kuzhali!:)

hmmm...waiting for ur post on the different phases of love!:)