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Sunday, March 16, 2008

I kissed you, now wake up!

My son and I play a game called DEAD! It goes like, I say I am dead and he has to kiss me for me to wake up with my eyes and mouth wide open!In between the game I don't kiss him and let him be there waiting for me to kiss him! Then he starts to tell me slowly, "Kiss me, fast!"

I don't do it and make him wait and he with his eyes shut, moves towards me and he kisses me to coax me to do the same! lol...we have fun!Its all about the fun part of the game!

Yesterday, while I was reading the newspaper, my son came to me and started to look at the pictures on the paper.He was interested in pictures that had cars. Suddenly his eyes caught the obituary picture of a baby of around his age. He asked me what happened and I told him that the baby is no more.

As soon as he heard it he kissed the picture of the baby and said,"I kissed you, now wake up! "

For a moment I was at a loss of words for a reaction of that kind!I didn't know how to react.

I didn't want to mislead him into believing that if you kiss someone who is dead they wake up as in the game.I slowly told him that the baby won't wake up because he has gone to visit God! Didn't know how else I could have put it easily to my little one!

Kids are so innocent. My son's innocent look and his innocent act just touched my heart!

Child with continuing cling issued his No in final fire,

Kissed back the colored maid,

Not wise enough to freeze or be afraid.

Conscious of kindness, easy creature bond.

Love had been handy and rapid to respond.

- Gwendolyn Brooks


KK said...

It was so touching, dear. S, at that tender age, kids believe in whatever we say. And how nice of Tutu or Bittu to make the baby come alive.... - ur baymate in ek

chikku said...

that was so sweet of your boy... atleast good to know that he is growing up as a compassionate kid...give him a kiss from me...

chikku :)

Anonymous said...

ya... really touching.actually we should learn from kids, their innocent minds. The bigger blokes are just running around killing people and creating riots in name of religion, parties and whatso ever for their personal gain. sorry, my mind just shifted off on reading this and the newspaper i read which was reporting the score of death each party had killing each other. just 2 human reactions. why cant we all remain as kids!!

sreejith said...

i love this the best teachers..

Ananya said...

@ kk...
yes at a tender gae like this,they r so innocent!:) missing you terribly!

@ chikku...
did give him ur kiss:)

@ rex....
all of us have that kid in us!u just need 2 recognise it!I remember when i stubbed my toe in a party,i actually wept like how my son would!:)

@ sreejith...
kids r the best taechers of innocense!