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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday 13 #1

A new meme is beginning today!

My first thursday thirteen is all about the 13 things about life!

Thirteen things about life in general...not yours, not mine, not anyone specific!

13 things about life

  1. It starts with tiny cry

  2. It requires one to make tough decisions quickly

  3. Its thoughts rarely allows you to laze around

  4. It never allows you to take it for granted

  5. It is not a bed of roses; remember...roses have thorns

  6. It never fails to teach you that it is all about Laughing,Ignoring,Forgiving& Empathizing

  7. Its all about a mad chase to reach the fininsh point

  8. It never lets you forget that you are alive

  9. Its all about live and let live

  10. You can be sick of it, but it can never gets sick of you

  11. It cant be happy unless you decide to strive for it!

  12. Though you may deserve a kick on your a** sometimes, life decides to give you that kick another time

  13. Last but not the least, its totally unpredictable!

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