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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday thirteen #3

Some of the words I have listed below is a part of my official name.I have not included my entire name in any of the words.Its just letters from my official name! So this week's TT is all about thirteen words that almost make up my name.All these words are about how I associate them with myself!

Thirteen Words that almost make up MY NAME

1.... Smile,My friends have told me that I have a very warm welcoming smile.

2.... Soul,That is a nick name that I am called

3.... Shoulder,I have a shoulder for anyone to lean on

4.... Something,I am of that kind who has something up my sleeve always ;)

5.... Silly,Sometimes I do feel that I am pretty silly over things(halo)

6.... Shrill,I hate this word.

7.... Slime,I hate this word even more

8.... Solo,I like to be in my own world, all alone

9.... Slow,I am very slow to forget

10.... Somersault,I would like to try that out once without the fear of breaking my bones

11.... School,I miss my school days the most!

12.... Superstitious,Yes I belong to this league of people!

13.... Soigné, a way yes!

Any guesses for my official name?!!! :) Not open for those of you who know me personally already! ;)

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