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Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday 5 for April 25: Good, Bad, Ugly

A new meme begins this friday!
Its called Friday five.You have to answer to five questions each Friday. And its quite a soul searching effort.I came across this meme through Shannon.

Thank you Shannon!:)

1. What’s something you love and is quite bad for you?


2. What’s something you hate and is quite good for you?

Iron tablets

3. What’s something that’s about equally good and bad for you?

Having yogurt in the night,its good for my heart burn, but I'll have a bad cold in the morning:(

4. What’s something you’ve been told is bad for you but you suspect is not as bad as people say?

Reading books right after my baby's delivery,I had a hell lot of free time but I was not
allowed to read anything :(

5. What’s something most people consider ugly but you consider beautiful?

Almost everything. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :)


Simply Shannon said...

Yes, chocolate is bad BUT it is so yummy!

Talisman said...

Chocolate is totally not bad for you. It lowers blood pressure and activates "happiness" receptors in the brain! And if you eat enough of it, you're too happy to care that you're butt doesn't fit into your jeans anymore. ;)

Elisa said...

Why would yogurt give you a cold? I'm confused w/ that one.

Impulsively Me said...

Hey Ananya,

Can you email me your mail ID? I would like to send you an invite to the site LifeInLines, if you have not already joined (since right now entry is by invitation only). My email ID is (at the rate of)
(left those spaces to prevent crawlers from spamming me) You can find it on my blogspot too.

Do let me know.. I am sending out invites only to those I know will like to write :)


Rose said...

Hey Ananya, So true - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.