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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #10

My son started school recently. On the 11 th of June precisely...
I wanted to blog about that day but I kept keeping the post for another day! And sincde today is Thursday its Thursday 13 time...(sheepish smile) So i decided to list 13 reasons why I couldn't blog regularly( sheepish smile) :P

Being an expert at giving any sort of excuse at the drop of the hat I didnt take much time for this (another sheepish smile)

Thirteen Things about Why I couldn't blog regularly

1.... My son started school and I had to be in school for two weeks...just to make sure he has adjusted in school

2.... Because of the strain of sitting continuously for a long time I was down with severe back ache and I was advised to lie on my back for a week

3....My computer just wouldnt work properly

4....The network connection crashed frequently owing to the rains

5....My husband wanted to use the computer whenever I wanted it

6....My brother sat in front of the computer since morning leaving it only when my husband came home

7....My laptop detected a

8....I had to clean up the desk as it was piled woth news paper articles which I needed to sort out

9....My ophthalmologist suggested to take rest from the computer for a week

10....I was really busy with lying down and catching up sleep

11....I was so tensed with what was happening to me that I didnt have time to think about teh blog.

12....I was frustrated as I couldn't find the previous TT's saved in my computer

13....I had a bit of writer's block syndrome

Hmmm...that is a pretty neat list of reasons....Well I actually had some more but they were too good to be put up here and mostly my husband would easily recognize them as reasons of escapism! I quote those reasons when I am really in a fix!

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